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A juvenile crime is defined as any crime committed by a person less than eighteen years of age. If your child is arrested for a crime, it’s important to understand the consequences:

  1. If your child is adjudicated as a juvenile delinquent, the crime will remain on his or her criminal record and may result in higher penalties for any convictions as an adult.
  2. Children who are sixteen or seventeen years old may be placed in the custody of the Juvenile Justice Commission until their twenty-first birthday.
  3. If your child is tried in adult court, all the adult penalties will apply except for capital punishment. Your child could be subject to life imprisonment.

Often, the first twenty-four hours following your child’s arrest is the most critical period of time in your child’s case. To protect your child’s future, it is essential that you contact a lawyer in order to ensure you have competent legal representation. Early involvement can prevent your child from unknowingly providing incriminating statements and evidence to police. Your lawyer will work hand-in-hand with you and your child to ensure the best possible outcome.

Underage Drinking

Minor in possession of alcohol, more commonly known as underage drinking is a common charge. Most of the time minors who are charged with underage drinking may receive community service, counseling, or other lesser sentences and fines. The penalty for underage drinking in New Jersey is $250 for a first offense of this type, and $350 for subsequent offenses. The minor’s driver’s license will also be suspended for six months, and the violation reported to the Division of Motor Vehicles. Contacting a lawyer is critical in order to ensure the penalties against your child are minimized.

Your Child’s Best Interests

The juvenile justice system in  New Jersey works differently than the adult criminal justice system. Under most
circumstances in juvenile cases, the focus is on rehabilitation rather than  punishment. In cases involving  juveniles, the court is supposed to consider the best interests of the  juvenile. Unlike an adult trial where guilt or innocence
is determined  by a jury, juvenile matters are heard by a family law judge, or by a  non-judge called a juvenile referee. Having a lawyer that is familiar with the ins-and-outs of the New Jersey court practices is the first step you need to take in protecting your child.

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