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Traffic Violations

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traffic_violationsSteven A. Traub, is an experienced traffic ticket defense lawyer located in Cherry Hill New Jersey. Before you pay a ticket or go to court, call ​(856) 288-1791 for a free telephone consultation.

By paying a traffic ticket without contest, you are pleading guilty to the charges, which can have severe and lasting consequences. Motor vehicle points may be assessed, affecting your driving privileges and insurance premiums. More severe violations, such as Drunk driving (DUI, DWI), or hit and run, carry enhanced penalties, such as license suspension, community service, and possible jail time.

Lawyers are specially trained to limit the penalties associated with all types of traffic violations, never just pay a ticket without contacting a lawyer first. We can save you time, money, points and insurance surcharges and premiums if you are charged with:

Commercial Drivers

Commercial drivers must be aware that even some minor traffic violations such as speeding, careless driving, passing on right, stop sign, red light, failure to maintain lanes, committed in your personal vehicle can still affect your CDL privileges.

If you receive a Notice of Proposed Suspension from the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, please contact our office before you accept any suspension. We can reduce and in some cases eliminate the term of suspension.

Out Of State Drivers

Large numbers of out of state residents receive traffic tickets while passing through New Jersey on the New Jersey Turnpike, the Garden State Parkway, the Atlantic City Expressway, and on the numerous bridges (Ben Franklin, Betsy Ross, Tacony Palmyra, Commodore Barry, Delaware Memorial, Pennsyvania Turnpike, Gothels, George Washington, and Outerbridge Crossing) connecting New Jersey to neighboring states. New Jersey Violations are reported to your home state’s motor vehicle agency and can affect your license and insurance premiums.

We can save you points and money, and you will not have to appear in court. Residents of Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New York, may have to appear depending on your proximity to the court.

Our lawyers can help if you received a DUI ticket on vacation, or a speeding ticket on your way back from the Jersey shore. We want to ensure that you understand the charges you are facing. We will clearly explain your options and advise you in the proper approach to take. Our lawyers are very familiar with municipal court procedures and extremely knowledgeable in the most recent traffic law changes.

Our lawyer fees are extremely reasonable and we offer reduced rates for senior citizens, and military personnel and their family members. We also offer convenient Payment Plans. Credit cards are accepted.

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